Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

All Clients:

Must have completed a Rider Registration Form before riding a horse. This will be countersigned after the lesson by an instructor.

Must resubmit their Rider Registration Form if their details change. (it is the responsibility of  the Parent/Guardian if child is under 18).

We reserve the right to refuse you to ride a particular horse/pony if we feel that the safety of the rider or horse would be in question.

You also have the right to request another Instructor subject to availability

Punctuality and Arrival Times:

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the lesson/ hack /pony ride to allow time for hat/boot fitting.

If you are late, we unfortunately cannot make that time up as other clients will be waiting for their lessons to start on time.

If we are late for whatever reason we will make up your lesson/hack time.

Please note mountings and dismounting is part of your lesson

New Clients:

Are required to attend a mandatory Assessment/Introduction Lesson before being allowed to book anything else.

This allows us to ascertain your riding level and get t0 know your needs and aspirations.


Unfortunately we only accept cash and/or cheques.


Although extensive safety measures are put in place at Cheshire Riding School prior to the beginning of any activities, riders should be aware horse-riding is rated as a high-risk sport, horses can be unpredictable even thought they are carefully assessed and monitored and injuries can occur. As a result, we would advise that will not be responsible for any injuries sustained whilst riding at this establishment unless such injuries were caused by demonstrable negligence. We have an excellent safety record, have won many awards, and always pass our licensing inspections with flying colours.

Photography / Recordings (camcorders)

Sorry but please note that NO photographs / videos are to be taken if any child is in the frame/shot unless a written agreement is signed by parent / guardian Due to legislation regarding the child protection act. If this occurs without permission, Cheshire Riding School cannot be held responsible for any photographs taken by others without our knowledge.


Riding lessons continue in all weather conditions in our indoor schools. (Hacks will continue at our discretion). Suitable clothing must be brought and worn as necessary.

Riding Attire

If you do not have  riding attire please see below for suitable clothing we can provide boots.

All hats please must conform to the current safety standards.

We advise that you wear:

  • Full length comfortable trousers (avoid jeans), Leggings, tracksuit bottoms, boots / shoes with small 1/2 inch heel and smooth sole. Wellington boots are not acceptable
  • Wet weather clothing may be required i.e. raincoat
  • Body protectors are provided and are advisable when jumping (but are not compulsory)

We advise that you don’t wear:

  • Shorts, 3/4 length trousers (legs must be covered), Vest tops (shoulders must be covered),

Unacceptable Footwear:

  • Sandals, open toe shoes, Flip-flops,  heels higher than 1 inch or no heel at all i.e. pumps, trainers

We advise you wear minimal jewellery.

Your Comments

We welcome feedback with any comments or concerns. In order for us to continue to provide our clients with an excellent and consistent service all correspondence is treated confidentially and is greatly appreciated. This helps us to continue to provide a happy atmosphere and a friendly and welcoming place to ride/work.

Our aim is to make horse-riding at Cheshire Riding School a memorable experience to be enjoyed by everyone.

Some Additional Information

Cheshire Riding School reserves the right to change any instructor or horse / pony where necessary. Please note that ponies and instructors may be requested, as it is not always possible to guarantee their availability, even though we do our best to accommodate your needs by providing continuity and consistency.

Please note, the lesson time includes mounting and dismounting and dismounting of your horse and and any tack adjustments to suit each rider.

In order to keep our classes small, We require a cancellation fee due to an increasing number of people who cancel group / private / semi-private lessons on the day or simply do not turn up to a lesson. As a business we find this behaviour unreasonable and unsustainable.

Cancellation Policy

48 Hours Notice Must Be Given

If less than 48 hours notice has been given, a £5 fee will be charged. If less than 24 hours or no notice is given (including illness) the full fee will be charged. We will try to move or transfer any bookings cancelled within 48 hours to another slot later that day or week. We restrict the number of riders in each lesson to keep our classes small and therefore we are able to provide better quality lessons.

To enable us to continue providing this service please ensure you cancel any lessons (whenever possible) at your earliest convenience so we can offer the available slot to other riders. All Deposits and Pre-Paid Lesson Fees Are Non-Refundable.

When booking you are agreeing to all of our Terms and Conditions

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