Pony Club National Champs 16

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Pony Club National Champs 16
On Tuesday 23rd August we took a team of four pony club members along with Cammy and Eddie to represent us at the Pony Club National Championships. It was a very early start for all involved to ensure the ponies were pampered and preened to perfection.

We set off in the horsebox at 6am to ensure we arrived at Chomondely Castle in good time. On arrival we unloaded Cammy and Eddie so that they could accustom themselves to their surroundings and relax before a thrilling day of competition.

First up in the dressage phase was Grace riding Cammy. Grace was as cool as a cucumber and rode the test with accuracy and feel and gained a fantastic mark. Cammy was totally un phased by the banners, cars, arenas and flags staying calm and relaxed throughout.

Jess then hopped on to Cammy and rode the same test. Jess gained the highest dressage score in her section with a near on hoof perfect test. The judges comments for both Jess and Cammy were fantastic!

Erin  then represented us in the senior section riding our very own super cob Eddie. The dressage test was a more difficult one and Eddie was more forwards than normal! Another great score from the duo meant that we were doing great in the team competition.

Last up in the dressage phase was Paige riding Eddie. This was Paige’s first time at champs and she was feeling a little nervous. Again Paige rode a good test to receive some super feedback from the judges.

In the afternoon we had the show jumping. Jess and Grace both rode clear rounds on Cammy and demonstrated some rather stylish rounds. The girls were followed up with Erin and Paige riding Eddie who both unfortunately had a fence down.

In the afternoon we had the prize giving. After waiting around excitedly for a couple of hours we were thrilled with he results. Jess WON her section and gained the best new comer award, Grace was Fourth which for a 9 year old is absolutely fantastic. The team came overall 7th in the centre equitation  and 5th in the tack and turnout phase.


Overall we had a wonderful experience. Our team of horses, staff and pony club children make our pony club one of the best. We are already excited for next year!! Roll on 2017.

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On August 25, 2016

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