Come and Enjoy Horse Riding Lessons with our Half Price Offer

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Half Price Horse Riding Lessons For New Clients

Come and Enjoy Horse Riding Lessons & pony riding lessons this spring. We are offering Half Price Lessons for new customers.

You could use your half price voucher on a number of activities including: jumping lessons, a farm ride, a pony ride or any of our private or group lessons.

Good reasons to get on horseback:

  • Horse Riding Lessons are a great form of exercise and burn calories
  • Horse Riding Lessons can be therapeutic
  • Horse Riding Lessons are fun and enjoyable for any age or ability
  • Horse Riding Lessons are a great way to make new friends and meet people
  • Horse Riding Is Scientifically Proven to be beneficial in many ways
  • Read more from the BHS


The Half Price Offer is only available to new customers who haven’t ridden with us in the past year.
Hat and Boots are available on request
The maximum weight is 13 Stone
We do not accept Card Payments at the yard.


Horse Riding Lessons

Brandon enjoying his pony club lesson

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On April 19, 2015

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