Dressage Competition

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Dressage competition 4th July

Join in the fun and take part in our client dressage competitions . Competing in these dressage tests can help riders improve their ability to understand a variety of horses. It tests the riders ability to ride accurately through a series of linked movements which are each scored out of ten and a final percentage given. The judge will reward a mark and a comment for each movement which aims to highlight strengths or areas to improve .

The object of riding a dressage test is to improve harmony, balance, control, mobility and general way of going. Riding the movements required for a dressage test accurately whilst maintaining a  good rhythm, will fulfil these objectives.

As in  normal dressage competition, each rider is  given a time for both warming up and competing. The warm up time allows the rider to warm their horse up appropriately for the test.  After warming-up, the rider rides the specific dressage test for the judge. Once all riders have competed, the points are added up, and riders receive their scores as a percentage and the rider with the highest percentage wins. All clients who takes part in our in house dressage have fun and find the experience extremely beneficial.


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On June 6, 2015

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