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Festive Hacks to Marbury Park.

Join our ride leader Jane for two hours of riding around the Cheshire counrtyside

Tally Ho its off to Marbury Park we go.

The next time someone asks what you do in your spare time and you tell “we go horse riding”, say it with pride.


CHRISTMAS HACKS TO MARBURY Tally Ho its off to Marbury Park we go. As anyone who’s ever ridden a horse in Marbury Park will know just how uplifting it can be, to explore the countryside and take in every sight you see. Can consider themselves really rather lucky.

On a lovely sunny day or even in the rain , there’s nothing more exhilarating than a good canter in the great outdoors.

Hacking out in Marbury Park  is a great way to vary your lifestyle, it keeps you physically and mentally fit and, you can enjoy Marbury Park at the same time.

Whatever your goals or ambitions are as a rider, being able to hack out confidently will enhance your relationship with our horses, and inject a little bit of fun into both your lives.

When it comes to hacking, feeling confident is vital if you’re going to enjoy your horse ride out and love every sight and sound.Jane our ride leader is very experienced and great fun on these special hacks

On December 8, 2018

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