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British Horse Society Exam Dates 2018

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British Horse Society Exam Dates 2018

Our 2018 British Horse Society exam dates are now available to book. As a centre we are now able to offer exams and training up to BHSII, Stage 4 complete. This year alone we have run almost 30 exams receiving A + feedback from examiners and exam candidates.

Here at Cheshire Riding School we pride ourselves on the delivery of first class training, providing our training clients, students and exam candidates well schooled horse who love their work especially their jumping.

We have recently up graded our cross country course and now have added steps, banks, drop fences and ditches to help our riders train over a variety of fences and terrain.


Our 2018 assessment dates:

BHS Stage One – 20th February, 12th June, 4th December

BHS Stage 2 Riding and Stable Management –

27th February, 19th June, 30th October, 4th December

BHS Stage 2 Teach

6th March, 10th July, 13th November

BHS Stage 3 Riding and Stable Management

30th January – care and lunge only

17th April, 12th June, 26th June, 25th September

BHS Stage 3 Teach

10th April, 11th September,

BHS Stage 4 Care and Riding

24th April, 4th September

BHS ITT  8th May

All exams are booked directly through the BHS. If you require an assessment lesson, training or skills record signing off please give Phillippa a call on 01606 892111.


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