British Horse Society Assessments

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British Horse Society Assessments

Interested in training towards your British Horse Society Assessments

…do you need to develop the skills and understanding of the learning outcomes ,so you can have your skills record signed off.

We are able to help you achieve

All sessions are run by a BHS Stage 5 Coach with years of experience of training candidates towards assessments.

We have Stage 1, 2 and 3 sessions running on Wednesdays.

Stage 4 sessions running on Tuesdays.

BHS Stage 2 Teach Assessment

Are you wanting to train towards the BHS Stage 2 Teach Assessment? We have a session running on each Thursday from 1-3pm.

The session will enable you to cover all aspects of the learning outcomes and will enable you to develop your teaching skills.

If these days don’t suit you, then get in touch as we’ll be able to arrange a day to suit your individual needs.

Please call the office to book, the session is starting on Thursday 16th July.…/accredited-professionals

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On August 18, 2020

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