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What’s all the fuss?

Cheshire riding school is proud to be a recognised pony club centre, which means we can offer our members all the fun which pony club has to offer without owning your own pony!! The pony club is the largest international youth organisation, which aims to promote the highest levels of sportsmanship, care and riding of horses and ponies. Here at CRS our pony club instructors will provide all the practical and theory knowledge to enable our members to gain their pony club badges and certificates.

How the sessions work.

We have five pony club groups based on riders age, ability and confidence levels. The sessions run in accordance with the criteria set out by the pony club, and members will work towards their badges and certificates. The sessions are all about having fun, meeting new friends and mastering new horsey tasks.

What our centre offers

Here at CRS we are a very active pony club centre. This year alone we have put together several competition teams which have gone on to represent us in inter pony club competitions (proving unbeatable), the pony club national quiz qualifiers where our teams came an amazing 2nd and 4th, and the Blue cross horse and pony care competition. We are currently putting together a team to represent us in this years Pony club national championships, to be held at Chumley Castle. We also have our own pony club competition league which is sponsored by Land Rover, a team uniform, team mascot ‘trigger’ and our very own Pony club camp to look forward to. If all that wasn’t enough we offer Polocrosse, dressage to music and cross country training, along with badge trips out!

Our friendly team!

Phillippa and Erin are our pony club instructors. They love all things pony club and are very passionate about our centre. They love nothing more than having fun with our members and will take on any pony club challenge! They enjoy welcoming new members to their groups to join in the fun, and aim to make learning about horses and ponies as much fun as possible. They believe in all their riders and help to build confidence and bring out the best in their kids!

Want to join in the fun?

We have pony club membership packs available from reception. The cost of joining is £25 for the year, which is taken out directly through the Pony club. Speak to either Mel,
Phil or Erin and they can get you booked into the right group and then the fun really starts.

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On April 7, 2015

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